COCOON Original Video Game Soundtrack
Composed and produced by Jakob Schmid for the video game 'COCOON', go to for more information.
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Soundtrack notes

Full Credits:
Composed and produced by Jakob Schmid
Additional mixing by Julian Lentz
Mastering by Julian Lentz
Thanks to Jeppe Carlsen, Julian Lentz, Erwin Kho, Martin Stig Andersen
Special thanks to Malu Lenzi

Created with Ableton Live, Bitwig
Uses DSPcore plugins: K88, BOB, Modnet, Weather
And other plugins:
- ValhallaVintageVerb, ValhallaRoom, ValhallaSuperMassive
- Korg M1 Software Synthesizer
- FabFilter Pro-Q 3
- MeldaProduction MSpectralDynamics
- oeksound soothe2